The Cathedral of Evora, dedicated to St. Mary, was built between 1283 and 1308, a period now of affirmation of Gothic, but where you can still watch the permanence of Romanesque decorative language.
The cathedral was built in difficult terrain, steeply sloping, where the ingenuity of architects and workers of stone was hard put to the test.
Note also the Museum of Sacred Art, with rich collections.
In the portal, through brands medieval stone that workers have left their memory, we highlight the apostolate work of great artistic sensibility, reflecting on marble, the medieval vision of the divine word, conveyed in the form of comment, council, of notice.
Adults (18 to 64 years) - 2,50 euros
Youths (6 to 17 years) - 2 euros
Seniors (>65 years) - 2 euros
*Prices are subject to alterations without prior notice.
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