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The Estrela Basilica was built in fulfillment of a vow made by Princess D. Maria Francisca Isabel (the future Queen Mary I). Consecrated in November 1789, it became the first church in the world dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
The inside is decorated with white, yellow, pink, blue and black marble, and a large dome that lights up the whole temple which is decorated with paintings from Pompeo Batoni (an Italian painter of the Rococo period) and Pedro Alexandrino (a famous Portuguese painter of this time). Queen Maria I’s majestic and Empire styled tomb is located on the right-hand side of the Church, on its back, a hidden door leaves you to a room, were is displayed the extraordinary Nativity scene crafted in cork and terracotta by Machado de Castro. It's a paid visit (1,5 €) and with a schedule, sometimes the door is locked, if this is the case, ask the sacristan to see it. 
You cannot miss the opportunity to visit the roof and interior of the basilica’s dome, it’s a fantastic spot (and undiscovered by many) to enjoy a beautiful panorama of Lisbon.



Visit the roof and interior of the basilica’s dome ---  4 euros
*Prices are subject to alterations without prior notice.

The Estrela Garden:

Located facing the Basilica With sinuous and round paths it is a beautiful garden and one of the most beloved by the people from Lisbon. With very old trees, a garden library, two kiosks-esplanades, a playground for children, an old iron bandstand, statues from national figures and 4 lakes it gives a relaxing environment.
Visit in the Tours:


9.00am. to 5.00pm.


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