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Sintra Shield

Visiting Sintra on your own?


Not going to Sintra with us?... it's your first mistake, nevertheless we want you to to enjoy the best of this special place, so we leave some tips for you. On the Sintra Monuments description you will find some Tips & Advises that can make all the difference.


Personal and rented cars are forbidden on access to Pena Park and Moorish Castle and parking near the Quinta da Regaleira is almost impossible. The access to the village's National Palace is also prohibited from 8 am until 7pm. If you are bringing your own car to Sintra, think again. Use public transportation, by train to Sintra and go for a tour with local guides, it's still the best option.


Sintra climate

Two factors contribute decisively to the climatic conditions that are felt in the Sintra region.

The first has to do with the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean; the second with the condensation barrier that the mountains of Sintra forms. Summers are usually warm between 22 and 28 degrees Celcius and the winters are cold and very high humidity. However, it may be a sunny day in Lisbon and reaching Sintra you will find a winter-day or the reverse, and that may change as the day progresses, you can catch the 4 seasons in one day. It's a microclimate, so we advised you to check out the weather conditions on that day before departing to Sintra.


Sintra climate

Use light and comfortable clothing, but with Sintra's microclimate bring a raincoat just in case.

Use sneakers or the lightest and most comfortable shoes you may have, some steep walking is involved.

Always carry a few bottles of water and some snacks with you, no need to interrupt a visit in the park for being hungry or thirsty, and some of the Parks are huge.


Sintra Gastronomy

The village has some gastronomic specialties highly appreciated, such as the regional pastries called by the locals as "pillows", and the famous cheesecakes. There are some restaurants in the village, where the most typical dishes are the roasted kid. As well as some tapas & wine tasting bars and some fast-food restaurants. But if you have transportation, go for the villages nearby, as Colares, there you will find fair prices, regional and well prepared food. Along the coast, near the beaches, you will find fresh fish and seafood restaurants and they are the best in the region.

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