Visit in the Tours:
Inaugurated in 2014, the rehabilitation of Ribeira das Naus was a rebuilding process, presenting contemporary times and respect for the spirit of the place, the city and its citizens. The creation of a new public space that favors the enjoyment of space and contact with the river.
At the site where the Portuguese Navy Installations are you can walk around the garden, see the old Dry dock, before it was buried, which were recovered from the Discoveries time.
 You can also rediscover the old pier Caldeirinha and the structures of the Court Royal Palace and even the beach before the earthquake (1755) was recreated, with a staircase down to the water.
Although not exactly a viewpoint, has the best view of the Tagus River in Lisbon.
It has a kiosk open every day from 10.00am. to 2.00am
A very nice place to relax and enjoy the sun near the river.