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From 9.00am. to 6.00pm.
last entrance 5.00pm.

Religious Art Museum and Convent's Infirmary closed from 1.00 to 2.00pm.

Average visit time
c. 1h30mn


Every day from 9.30 am. to 1.00

and 2.00 to 5.30pm.

Tuesdays, Easter Sunday and New Year’s Day, May 1 and Christmas Day. 




Built in the 18th century by order of King João V (1689-1750) in fulfilment of a vow he made, to be blessed with an heir from his marriage to Maria Ana of Austria, or be cured of a serious illness, the Royal Convent and Palace of Mafra is the most important baroque monument in Portugal. All in limestone and marble from this region (Pêro Pinheiro and Sintra), the building covers an area of almost four hectares (37.790 m2), including 1.200 rooms, more than 4.700 doors and windows, 156 stairways and 29 inner yards and courtyards. Such magnificence was only possible due to the Brazilian gold that poured into the country, allowing the King to carry out his patronage of the arts and the strengthening of royal authority. Mafra was King D. João VI’s favourite palace, who commissioned, at the end of the 18th century, mural paintings for several rooms and a new ensemble of six organs for the Basilica.

Whenever we speak about the Mafra National Palace, we immediately associate it with its Library. With a precious collection of 36.000 volumes, a synthesis of 18th century encyclopaedic knowledge. It is a rich and precious library in a fascinating setting. The rarity, singularity and exclusiveness of its collection also contribute to lending the space an enchanting atmosphere.

The Convent was initially designed for 13 monks, Mafra's project suffered successive changes, ending in a huge building of approximately 40.00 m2, with all the facilities for 300 Franciscans monks.

The Basilica is the central point of the main façade, it was designed by João Frederico Ludovice, a German goldsmith who, after a long stay in Italy, designed it in the Italian baroque style. Flanked by two bell towers, with a set of two carillons, or rather a series of bells tuned to each other. There are actually ninety eight bells in all, which makes them the world’s largest historic carillons. 

The Basilica has the form of a Latin cross and is 58.5 m long and 43 m wide. The dome is 65m high, with a 13m diameter. It was the first dome ever built in Portugal. 

The six organs in the Basilica of the Palace of Mafra are widely known around the world. What makes of them a unique ensemble is not their number – a remarkable feature in itself – but the fact that they were built at the same time and originally conceived to play together.

Everything in and about this Monument was designed and executed with extreme quality and rigour.






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Youths (Student Card) - 3,00 euros

Seniors (>65 years) - 3,00 euros



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