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The entire assembly constituting the Central Tejo represents the ancient Thermal Power Plant that supplied electricity to Lisbon and its region.
It is a unique building in its architecture in Lisbon, and one of the finest examples of industrial architecture of the first half of the twentieth century in Portugal.
The Electricity Museum is a cultural center that displays in his spaces, the past, the present and the future of energy, on a concept of Science Museum of industrial base, which live side by side with thematic and experimental exhibitions and a great diversity of cultural events.
The museum offers visitors three free circuits:
Circuit Central Tejo: Boilers, Ashtrays, Waters, Condensers, Generators
Energy: Experience
Temporary exhibitions: Ashtray 8, Hall of Exhibits
:Free admission.
Visit in the Tours:


Spontaneous visits:
The visitor has at his disposal the permanent circuits Museum. To know the secret circuits is necessary to appointment. 
Spontaneous guided tours of the weekend timetable:
10.30am., 12.00, 3.00 and 4.30pm.
Average duration of 1 hour
(includes experimental sessions)
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