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The 4 poles of attraction of the Museum of Water:
The Reservoir Mother Water of Amoreiras, commonly known as just Mother Water is the deposit (the cup) that collects the water from the "Free Waters Aqueduct" in Lisbon district.
It was designed in 1745 and built the Garden Amoreiras. The project was completed only in 1834, during the reign of Queen Mary II, with the construction of the roof, and only then started working in full.
The architectural lines of an unusual sobriety, the construction arises on a high in relation to the surrounding streets , inside there is a Waterfall and Water Ark with 7.5 meters depth and a capacity of 5,460 m³.
Currently this space integrates the "Water Museum EPAL", is used for art exhibitions, fashion shows and other events. We recommend a climb to the its terrace for an unusual view over Lisbon and the Tagus bay.
The "Free Water" Aqueduct was built in the XVIII century , to solve the problem of water supply in the city of Lisbon. The project was designed by Manuel da Maia , considered one of the greatest Portuguese architects ever and central figure in the history of the water supply in Lisboa.
A several springs in the areas of "Belas" , "Carenque" and "Caneças", among others , transported along the galleries and tunnels, through which water circulated to the main aqueduct , which then led to the reservoir of "Mother Water" in Lisbon. There the supply was made ​​through a network of underground galleries to the various fountains , where the population is supplied.
The aqueduct is composed of a network of stations , covering a total of 58 Kms, is one of the ex - libris of Lisbon , was the greatest work of engineering around the world in the XVIII century. The arches on the "Alcantara" Valley , the best known, has 941 meters long, made ​​up of 35 arches , with a height of 65.29 meters, making it the largest stone arch in the world, has entered to the Guiness Book of records.(open to visits in the 1st. of May/15)


The Patriarchal Reservoir is located below the Principe Real garden, the Patriarchal Reservoir was built in the nineteenth century (1860-1864), is the main distribution reservoir of water to the downtown area of Lisbon. With a capacity of 880 m3, the water distribution was made through underground galleries from here to several directions.
The Reservoir worked until 1940, now works as a cultural space where you can enjoy, besides the beauty of the space, sculpture exhibitions, painting and photography, theater, concerts and ballets. With a very special indoor environment because of its architecture and underground location, the visit to the Patriarchal Reservoir is a unique experience. 
The Barbadinhos Pumping Station was built in the late nineteenth century (1880), had the duty to raise the water from the river Alviela to the city reservoirs.

There was a growing need for water supply in the city of Lisbon, between the years 1840 to 1900 the number of inhabitants as doubled.

The elevation of the water was done by four powerful steam engines, powered by five coal boilers, that pumped water to the reservoirs located at high points of the city.

The population of Lisbon start to enjoy tap water in their own homes.

Since 1987, the station is the headquarters of the Water Museum, with a permanent exhibition that explains the technical and historical development of water supply from Roman times until today.

On the ground floor is located the room of the pumps and on the 1st floor is the fabulous machinery room, extraordinarily well preserved, a rare and valuable example.

You can also see one of the four steam engines still in operation.



"Barbadinhos" means "small bearded men", the Pumping Station owes its name to a convent that existed in the place, where Italian friars lived, they had beards and where short in stature, which the people of  Lisbon gave them the nicknamed "Barbadinhos".




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