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Crispy layers of meringue wrapped in a creamy mousse French chocolate, topped with an irresistible chocolate ganache. These are the traits that make The World's Best Chocolate Cake in a single experiment.
It all started when Carlos Braz Lopes tried to recreate in their restaurant, a recipe that had tasted in Paris. The result was not very close to the original, but the success was such that customers ended up going to the store just to have a taste, they nicknamed "The World's Best Chocolate Cake". Over 20 years later and after several shops dedicated to this delicacy, revenue remains under wraps. It is only known that the cake does not contain flour and how much of the flavor is guaranteed by the French Valrhona chocolate.


Phone: +351 213965372

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Monday to Saturday:
9.00am. to 7.00pm.


Closed on Sunday's
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