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"GINJINHA SEM RIVAL" - Ginja & Liqueurs

Founded between 1890-1892 by the grandfather of the current owners, João Lourenço Cima, besides ginjinha have the "Capilé" and the most famous liqueur "Eduardino" - a tribute to one clown of the Lisbon Coliseum.
The ginja (sour cherry), a small round fruit with dark red color, sweet and sour flavor, is originally from Asia, and is common now in Portugal in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
With aromatic and a balanced alcoholic graduation, began as a drink of the bourgeois class because of its high price.
Was gradually appearing in the taverns, becoming one of the most popular drinks and the typical Portuguese drink of Lisbon.
Usually ginjinha is drunk at the counter and are asked "with them" or "without them" (with the fruit at the bottom of the cup or not).
Before serving, the bottle must be shaken and you should drink at ambient temperature.
Served in a small plastic cup in case of being consumed in the street and costs about 1.5 euros.
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Monday to Sunday:
7.00am to 0.00am.
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