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Near the arch in Rua Augusta, occupying almost an entire block in the Pombaline historical centre of Lisbon, stands the Millennium bcp building. Between 1991 and 1995, during renovation works carried out there, while digging down, archaeological structures were uncovered left by civilisations living in Lisbon over various periods.
Due to its unique characteristics - 2,500 years of history in Lisbon are revealed - this space, now called Núcleo Arqueológico da Rua dos Correeiros (NARC), in spite of belonging to Millennium bcp, is also part of the City’s heritage, if not the country’s, and therefore it is felt that it should be accessible to the public. In this sense, the Millennium bcp Foundation, responsible for managing the NARC and organizing guided tours.
Are presented archaeological vestiges dating from Ibero-Punic period (7th and 5th centuries BCE), Roman (first to 4th century CE), Visigoth (from year 411), Islamic (from year 714), Medieval (eleventh to fifteenth century), Fifteen hundreds and Pombaline Period (before and after the earthquake of November 1, 1755).


Free access.
Visit in the Tours:
The organization of guided tours is only with pre-booking by the Millennium BCP Foundation and take place every day (except Sundays and public holidays).
Monday to Saturday:
10 am to 12 am and from 2 pm to 5 pm
(guided tours - approximately one hour duration)
Phone +351 211 131 004
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