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Founded in 1560. A Franciscan convent built in direct contact with nature and in keeping with a philosophy of extreme architectural and decorative simplicity.
The Capuchos Convent is extremely small in size, being notable for the great poverty of its construction.
It is also known as the “Cork convent” because of the extensive use of cork in the protection and decoration of its tiny spaces. The rustic appearance and great austerity are indissociable from the surrounding vegetation, since the building is completely integrated into the natural environment, to the extent that enormous granite boulders have been incorporated into its construction.
The convent’s extremely small cells, corridors and doors, the humility that one feels when faced with the intimacy and bare simplicity of the place, the penumbra in which these monks conducted their daily lives and the beautiful views that can be enjoyed from here over the Sintra hills, are unique experiences that have left a profound impression on all those who come here to visit the site.




Adults (18 - 64 years) – 7,00 euros
Youths (6 – 17 years) - 5,50 euros
Seniors (>65 years) – 5,50 euros
*Prices are subject to alterations without prior notice, please confirm prices in the official website and for combined tickets.
Visit in the Tours:


10.00am. to 6.00pm.
Last ticket 5.00pm.

Of all the places you will visit in Sintra, this one will definitely leave a trace in your memory, the opulence of the Palaces makes a striking contrast to the simplicity of this place. While the other monuments in Sintra are focused on richness and old glories of the Portuguese empire, the Capuchos Convent is the real representation of the mystic place which is Sintra. In perfect harmony with nature, is without doubt our favorite place, our only advise is go visit.

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