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Located on the terrace of a building that housed a market but now is a car park, offers to all visitors one of the best views of the downtown.
You can get there through the lift* or by the stairs that surround it. A great place to walk through the passage into the Castle Hill neighborhood.
Has a restaurant (Zambeze) with a rooftop Bar, enjoy a nice stopover on the way on foot to the Castle of St.Jorge.
Visit in the Tours:
You can get there on foot in the path of the two public elevators for access to the Castle of St. Jorge from downtown:
1st. Lift is located in the Fanqueiros Street nr. 170 -178, go for the last floor. On your way out of the 1st. Lift ,you must follow the directions to the "Pingo Doce" (market) on your left then turn right on the square, you will see the "Pingo Doce" entrance, the 2nd Lift is inside the market,  go for the last floor, at the exit of the lift take a left and you're there.
Lifts schedules: 9am to 9pm.
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