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CHAFARIZ DO VINHO - Wine Bar & Gourmet

Chafariz cellar

Chafariz cellar

The best Portuguese snacks with the best wine.

Chafariz da Alegria in 1840

Chafariz da Alegria in 1840

It's an old water reservoir which the underground galleries are connected to the distribution tunnels, through a complex network water supply, with the starting point in the Mother Water Reservoir. Its part of the monumental structure of the Lisbon’s Free Water Aqueduct, its construction has begun in 1731. 

The idea of conversion comes from the city of Lisbon, the Water Company and wine lovers, to create a wine bar with a unique history.

Here you can taste, or even buy, new and very old Portuguese wines, you will find at the Chafariz some of the rarer and much-praised award-winning wines of the past forty years. Also with high-quality wine by the glass, with a recently installed temperature-control device that allows wine to be kept unaltered and in top condition, followed with a small plates menu of Portuguese specialties, that will not keep you indifferent.


Bring your own bottle!
The Chafariz do Vinho invites its customers to bring that special bottle stored for an occasion; that one bottle saved from your last holiday to share with friends…
This service is available from Tuesday to Sunday between 6pm and 8.30pm. You will be chargerd 2,5 € per head and per bottle. 


Happy Hour at the Chafariz do Vinho

Given the growing number of people interested in getting to know different wines without then having to deal with a hangover or foot an astronomical bill, the Chafariz do Vinho allows you to taste four different wines, from among those sold by the glass.
This service is also available from from Tuesday to Sunday between 6pm and 8.30pm, and the cost will be the average of those wines sold by the glass at the time.

Phone: +351 213 422 079
Visit in the Tours:
Tuesday to Sunday:
From 6.00pm to 2.00am.
Happy Hour:
Between 6.00 to 8.30pm.
The kitchen service closes at 1.00 am.
Close at Monday's


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