For its great location by the sea and the lagoon reaching the hilltop village, these lands have always been inhabited since the Paleolithic, Celts, Phoenicians and Romans are some of the records.
On January 11, 1148, the first king of Portugal ,D. Afonso Henriques, took Obidos from the Arabs.
Óbidos became one of "the pentagon defense" (the five castles), the Kingdom Centre, designed by the Templars.
With the offer of Óbidos as a wedding gift from King Dinis to his wife Queen Isabel, the village was owned by "The House of Queens", only abolished in 1834.
Most of the queens of Portugal have spent time here, leaving large benefits.
The Obidos Castle is Roman origin, was later fortified under Moorish domination.
After conquered by the Christians (1148) was repaired and expanded several times. Incurred heavy damage in the earthquake of 1755.
In the twentieth century was in total ruin, has been recovered to install the first historical hotel of the State.
The village of Queens, of the painter Josefa d'Obidos and the loves of "Bocage", reveals itself to its visitors.
In its streets, squares and monuments are symbols of the presence of these women.
A tribute to all the women in history of Obidos, is certainly because of them, that sensitivity and harmony in this village are magical.
Visit in the Tours:
9.30 - 12.30 am. / 2.30 - 5.00 pm. (October to March)
9.30 - 12.30 am. / 2.30 - 7.00 pm.
(Abril to September)
10.00 am. to 1.00 pm. / 2.00 - 6.00 pm.
Closed on Monday:
Municipal Museum of Obidos and Obidos Chapelry Museum
Closed on Tuesday:
"Pelourinho" House Gallery and Gallery "Nova Ogiva"
The generic visit to the historic patrimony, runs through the main monuments and places of the town: the Town Gate, St. Peter's Church, Church of the "Misericordia", "Santa Maria" Square and Church, the Straight Street, the Castle, the Ball Game, between others.
Lasts approximately 1h30 and is secured by a qualified technician.
Includes free visits to museums, galleries and other spaces.
Prices per person:
Weekday (9.00am. to 5.00pm.) -  2,50 euros Saturdays and Sundays - 4 euros
Minimum: 20 people / Max: 35
Available languages​​:
Portuguese, French, English.
Obidos, besides the Castle, the stone walls and wonderful churches, has a set of spaces where you can contact with the rich heritage of the Village, as the Municipal Museum of Obidos, the St. John Baptist Museum, the Museum of "Abilio de Mattos e Silva", the Arch House "Ogiva Gallery", Gallery Center of Pelourinho and Interior Design of "Maria Jose Salavisa".
These are the spaces that make up the network of Museums and Galleries of Obidos, to which are added other locations as the old church of St. James, with temporary exhibitions.