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Portinho da Arrábida:
Difficult to access, by dirt road, "Portinho da Arrábida", is a small village located at the foot of the Arrábida Park, has to the south the Atlantic Ocean, near of the River Sado estuary.
The beach is of incomparable beauty, with fine white sand, calm and crystalline waters, of great beauty and contrast with the imposing mountains.
A little paradise on earth, certainly deserves a visit.
Visit in the Tours:
9.30 to 12.30am. / 2.30 to 5.00pm. (October to March)
9.30 to 12.30am / 2.30 to 7.00pm.
(Abril to September)
10.00am. to 1.00pm. / 2.00 to 6.00pm.
The landscape quality of the Cordillera of Arrábida result of exceptional beauty given to it by the unique nature of a mosaic of landscapes, which are especially remarkable contrast between mountains and sea, the position of rocky cliffs and crystal clear water, the impressive hillsides and cozy beaches, the combination of woods and relaxing valleys, the impact of morphology and the surprise of caves to explore.
The light of the Mediterranean, over the Atlantic, here takes the clarity and brightness that enhance the chromatic contrasts of the landscape "arrabidense".
The Arrábida is a natural site of exceptional value and unique for its beauty but also an important testimony of illustrative geological processes in the history of life on Earth.
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