This is the only site for our tours, will not find them in any other online sales site where the Operators charge an extra commission.

We don't jam you in with a busload of strangers and have you follow a guide around holding an umbrella high in the air. 

We will meet you in the lobby of your hotel to begin your tour, you won't have to find us, we'll come to you.

We are with you every step of the way, we are not one of those drive-by; hop in, hop out; set itinerary; “one size fits all” Lisbon tours.

By the narrow streets of Lisbon and Sintra we reach our favorite spots, where the big buses just don't go.

The tickets are included  to avoid wasting time in lines, for this reason we follow a policy of no ticket commission.

Combining the freedom of independent travel with all the benefits of group travel, for cost-conscious travelers who appreciate good value.

We don't have a big corporate structure with a board of directors whom we are required to please first, before our customers.



Hello, my name is Paulo. I'm the founder of Hillspot Tours.
I was born and raised in Lisbon, lived there most of my life, and then i moved to Sintra, fell in love with the place ... so my roots are in Lisbon but Sintra is my home. I'm an easygoing person, trustful and passionate about my country.
We are here for the small group of friends or family, the best experiences can't be truly appreciated with a large group, with us you won’t be with a group of strangers on one of those cold impersonal tours, your personal and private Lisbon tour will be focused solely on you, and your wishes, needs and desires, and it's exactly how Lisbon should be seen and experienced - up close and personal. 
Lisbon is a great city, follow the narrow streets and the small local business, come with good company and enjoy, I’m sure that will be worth it.
All the best.
Paulo Fernandes


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Feel free to email us if you need help planning your Tour